Minoru Amano

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In order to realize a sub-Giga bit scale NVRAM, the novel MRAM based on the spin-transfer-torque (STT) switching has been intensively investigated due to its excellent scalability compared with a conventional magnetic field induce switching MRAM [1]. However, the memory cell size of STT-MRAM reported so far is still over 1μm, and the memory capacity is(More)
The case of a 67-year-old Japanese woman with leiomyoma arising from the lesser omentum is reported herein. Although the patient had no abdominal symptoms, findings of a routine abdominal ultrasound examination suggested a mass between the stomach and the lateral segment of the liver. Subsequent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) demonstrated a 6-cm(More)
s--Dental Radiology Vol. 40, 2000 Tooth A n o m a l i e s : R e l a t i o n of Generalized Disorder T a k e n o r i N O I K U R A Department of Dental Radiology, Kagoshima University Dental School Many developmental disturbances affect oral structure. Generalized disturbances are those wherein the oral changes are related to disturbances in other parts of(More)
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