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To determine whether single motor units (MUs) in multitendoned muscles distribute tension to multiple tendons or instead focus tension selectively on a single tendon, we examined the distribution of tension generated by single MUs in the cat extensor digitorum lateralis (EDLat), and in its macaque homolog, the extensor digiti quarti et quinti (ED45).(More)
1. Isotonic shortening of cat superficial lumbrical muscles was studied during maximal tetanic contractions of single motor units of identified types. For each motor unit, the maximal speed of contraction, Vmax, was determined by extrapolating to zero the hyperbolic relation between applied tension and speed of shortening. 2. The maximal speeds of(More)
Blood flow regulation in pancreatic islets is critical for function but poorly understood. Here, we establish an in vivo imaging platform in a non-human primate where islets transplanted autologously into the anterior chamber of the eye are monitored non-invasively and longitudinally at single-cell resolution. Engrafted islets were vascularized and(More)
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