Minne Paul Lettinga

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While semi-flexible polymers and fibres are an important class of material due to their rich mechanical properties, it remains unclear how these properties relate to the microscopic conformation of the polymers. Actin filaments constitute an ideal model polymer system due to their micron-sized length and relatively high stiffness that allow imaging at the(More)
We present an experimental study of short-time diffusion properties in fluidlike suspensions of monodisperse charge-stabilized silica spheres suspended in dimethylformamide. The static structure factor S(q), the short-time diffusion function D(q), and the hydrodynamic function H(q) have been probed by combining x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy(More)
The interplay between shear band (SB) formation and boundary conditions (BC) is investigated in wormlike micellar systems (CPyCl-NaSal) using ultrasonic velocimetry coupled to standard rheology in Couette geometry. Time-resolved velocity profiles are recorded during transient strain-controlled experiments in smooth and sandblasted geometries. For stick BC(More)
We investigated the thermal diffusion phenomena of a rodlike mutant filamentous fd-Y21M virus in the isotropic phase by means of an improved infrared thermal-diffusion-forced Rayleigh scattering (IR-TDFRS) setup optimized for measurements of slowly diffusing systems. Because this is the first thermal diffusion study of a stiff anisotropic solute, we(More)
Translational tracer diffusion of spherical macromolecules in crowded suspensions of rodlike colloids is investigated. Experiments are done using several kinds of spherical tracers in fd-virus suspensions. A wide range of size ratios L/2a of the length L of the rods and the diameter 2a of the tracer sphere is covered by combining several experimental(More)
In this joint experimental-theoretical work we study hydrodynamic interaction effects in dense suspensions of charged colloidal spheres. Using x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy we have determined the hydrodynamic function H(q), for a varying range of electrosteric repulsion. We show that H(q) can be quantitatively described by means of a novel Stokesian(More)
We report the direct visualization at the scale of single particles of mass transport between smectic layers, also called permeation, in a suspension of rodlike viruses. Self-diffusion takes place preferentially in the direction normal to the smectic layers, and occurs by quasiquantized steps of one rod length. The diffusion rate corresponds with the rate(More)
We report on the dynamics in colloidal suspensions of stiff viral rods, called fd-Y21M. This mutant filamentous virus exhibits a persistence length 3.5 times larger than the wild-type fd-wt. Such a virus system can be used as a model system of rodlike particles for studying their self-diffusion. In this paper, the physical features, such as rod contour(More)
We report a polarized fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (pFRAP) method to measure the rotational dynamics of fluorescent colloids over a wide dynamic range. The method is based on the polarization anisotropy in the fluorescence intensity, generated by bleaching of fluorescently labeled particles with an intense pulse of linearly polarized laser(More)