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WNT4 plays an important role in female sexual development and ovarian function. WNT4-deficiency leads disturbed development of the internal genitalia in mouse and human, and to a dramatic reduction of mouse oocytes. However, the expression and role of WNT4 in human ovaries is yet unknown. The expression of WNT4 mRNA and protein was studied in human adult(More)
AIMS Adiponectin and leptin are members of the adipocytokine family. Adiponectin promotes and leptin inhibits apoptosis and both are regulators of angiogenesis. Adipocytokines and their receptors are expressed in the placenta, and in the pre-eclamptic (PE) mother the serum levels of both are higher than in healthy ones. Our aim was to study the expression(More)
The zona pellucida is a glycoprotein matrix surrounding oocytes and early-stage embryos in mammals. To elucidate the roles of the zona pellucida glycoproteins ZP1 and ZP3 and their key regulatory factor FIGLA in human ovarian development and folliculogenesis, their expression and localization was studied in human fetal and adult ovaries. FIGLA mRNA and ZP3(More)
Of eight million oocytes formed in fetal ovaries, only 400 are ovulated and the rest are degraded via apoptosis. Studies in rodents suggest an important role for Bok and Bcl-X(L) in ovarian apoptosis, but their expression patterns and roles in human ovaries are not well known. Protein expression of Bok and Bcl-X(L) as well as the death pathway effectors TNF(More)
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