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PURPOSE The crystallization and structural integrity of micron-sized inhalable salbutamol sulphate particles coated with L-leucine by different methods are investigated at different humidities. The influence of the L-leucine coating on the crystallization of salbutamol sulphate beneath the coating layer is explored. METHODS The coated particles are(More)
Biological assemblages are often subjected to multiple stressors emerging from both anthropogenic activities and naturally stressful conditions, and species' responses to simultaneous stressors may differ from those predicted based on the individual effects of each stressor alone. We studied the influence of land-use disturbance (forest drainage) on fungal(More)
Various factors, such as habitat availability, competition for space, predation, temperature, nutrient supplies, presence of waterfalls, flow variability and water quality, control the abundance, distribution and productivity of stream-dwelling organisms. Each of these factors can influence the response of the density of organisms to a specific(More)
Doctoral dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Science in Technology to be presented with due permission of the School of Chemical Technology for public examination and debate in Name of the doctoral dissertation Electrically conductive polymeric materials through polymerization and compatibilization Abstract Three different electrically conductive(More)
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