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According to the actual environment and condition of coal mine, we proposed a data aggregation model for wireless sensor networks to enhance the real-time performance and the reliability of underground environment monitoring system. In this model, all sensor nodes were divided into different grid clusters by geographical information and the network topology(More)
In order to process the fuzzy and imprecise information in the evidential reasoning, the scholars have made many attempts to generalize belief and plausibility functions based on the Dempster-Shafer(D-S) evidence theory to fuzzy sets for many decades. A new method for defining the fuzzy closeness degree is put forward in this paper. Based on the closeness(More)
In order to control the section cutting of roadheader automatically, we establish the functional relationship of deflexion angle of cantilever, extension of hydraulic cylinder and position of cutting head. Before controlling roadheader to cut, the range of cutting section is set through the space coordinates, and the reference position of the cutting head(More)
When the Shearer is running, the bit needs to be controlled and exits if it hits rocks, in order to avoid damage of the drill. The paper analyzes the different cases forced during the drilling process through the study of the characteristics of rock coal, together with the drilling shearer cutting mechanism. Meanwhile, the simulation of the power spectrums(More)
During the coal cutting process in mines, the drill stem is easy to be deflected in virtue of the complicated geological conditions. The deviation control of drill stems is of great significance for the production efficiency and service life of drill stems. Based on analyzing influence factors of the deflection of drills, this paper builds up a model to(More)
According to many tribological experiments of non-asbestos brake shoe for mine hoists the authors had investigated before, the original experimental data which contain the influencing rules of braking conditions on frictional properties were obtained. Based on the artificial neural network (ANN) technology and the experimental data swatches, a BP neural(More)
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