Minmin Qiu

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IBM General Business Simulation Environment (GBSE) is a supply chain simulation tool developed by IBM China Research Lab. It can capture supply chain dynamics with finest level of granularity and provides great insights to a supply chain's real operations. GBSE is designed for tactical level decision making; it is proper for supply chain what-if analysis(More)
The IBM Supply-chain Network Optimization Workbench (SNOW) is a software tool that can help a company make strategic business decisions about the design and operation of its supply chain network. The tool supports supply chain analysis with integrated network optimization and simulation capability. Mathematical programming models are used to first help(More)
Despite the omnipresence of event logs in transactional information systems (cf. WFM, ERP, CRM, SCM, and B2B systems), historic information is rarely used to analyze the underlying processes. Process mining aims at improving this by providing techniques and tools for discovering process, control, data, organizational, and social structures from event logs,(More)
This paper deals with an inventory system with limited resource for a single item or multiple items under continuous review (r, Q) policies. For the single-item system with a stochastic demand, a constant lead time, and limited resource, it is shown that an existing algorithm can be applied for finding an optimal (r, Q) policy that minimizes the expected(More)
In the background of flat world and widely international collaborations, it becomes critical for supply chain members to collaborate with each other. In this paper, we try to quantify the value of collaboration by improving business processes from the simulation point of view. We discuss different kinds of business process improvement manners, create(More)
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