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An integrated CMOS ultrawideband wireless telemetry transceiver for wearable and implantable medical sensor applications is reported in this letter. This high duty cycled, noncoherent transceiver supports scalable data rate up to 10 Mb/s with energy efficiency of 0.35 nJ/bit and 6.2 nJ/bit for transmitter and receiver, respectively. A prototype wireless(More)
Neural prosthetics and personal healthcare have increasing need of high channel density low noise low power neural sensor interfaces. The input referred noise and quantization resolution are two essential factors which prevent conventional neural sensor interfaces from simultaneously achieving a good noise efficiency factor and low power consumption. In(More)
In this paper, an integrated electrocardiogram (ECG) signal-processing scheme is proposed. Using a systematic wavelet transform algorithm, this signal-processing scheme can realize multiple functions in real time, including baseline-drift removal, noise suppression, QRS detection, heart beat rate prediction and classification, and clean ECG reconstruction.(More)
Monitoring blood flow rate inside prosthetic vascular grafts enables an early detection of the graft degradation, followed by the timely intervention and prevention of the graft failure. This paper presents an inductively powered implantable blood flow sensor microsystem with bidirectional telemetry. The microsystem integrates silicon nanowire (SiNW)(More)