Minkwan Shin

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Conductive electrodes and electric circuits that can remain active and electrically stable under large mechanical deformations are highly desirable for applications such as flexible displays, field-effect transistors, energy-related devices, smart clothing and actuators. However, high conductivity and stretchability seem to be mutually exclusive parameters.(More)
M. Shin, J. H. Song, Prof. U. Jeong Department of Materials Science and Engineering Yonsei University 134 Shinchon-dong , Seoul , Korea E-mail: ujeong@yonsei.ac.kr G.-H. Lim, Prof. B. Lim School of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering Sungkyunkwan University Suwon 440–746 , Korea Dr. J.-J. Park Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology Mt.14–1,(More)
All-polymer solar cells have shown great potential as flexible and portable power generators. These devices should offer good mechanical endurance with high power-conversion efficiency for viability in commercial applications. In this work, we develop highly efficient and mechanically robust all-polymer solar cells that are based on the PBDTTTPD polymer(More)
The use of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS) in electrodes and electrical circuits presents a number of challenges that are yet to be overcome, foremost amongst which are its relatively low conductivity, low coatability on hydrophobic substrates, and decreased conductivity at large strains. With this in mind, this study(More)
A stretchable polymer channel layer for organic field-effect transistors is obtained by spin-coating a blend solution of polythiophene and rubber polymer. A network of the polythiophene nanofibril bundles surface-embedded in the rubber matrix allows large stretchability of the polythiophene film layer.
In spite of the rapid increase in the power conversion efficiency (PCE) of polymer solar cells (PSCs), the poor stability of the photoactive layer in air under sunlight is a critical problem blocking commercialization of PSCs. This study investigates the photo-oxidation behavior of a bulk-heterojunction (BHJ) photoactive film made of single-crystalline(More)
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