Minjung Kim

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This abstract presents a bricolage approach to the 2007 VAST contest. The analytical process we used is presented across four stages of sensemaking. Several tools were used throughout our approach, and we present their strengths and weaknesses for specific aspects of the analytical process. In addition, we review the details of both individual and(More)
The complex interplay of tightly coupled, but disparate, computation and communication operations poses several challenges for simulating atomic scale dynamics on multi-petaflops architectures. Ope-nAtom addresses these challenges by exploiting overdecomposition and asynchrony in Charm++, and scales to thousands of cores for realistic scientific systems(More)
This poster presents an exploratory field study of a VAST 2007 contest entry. We applied Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA), grounded theory (GT), and Activity Theory (AT), to analysis of field notes and interviews from participants. Our results are described in the context of activity theory and sensemaking, two theoretical perspectives that we have found to be(More)
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