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In public procurement, social welfare often depends on how quickly the good is delivered. A leading example is highway construction, where slow completion inflicts a negative exter-nality on commuters. In response, highway departments award some contracts using scoring auctions, which give contractors explicit incentives for accelerated delivery. We(More)
Actin cytoskeleton has been known to control and/or be associated with chondrogenesis. Staurosporine and cytochalasin D modulate actin cytoskeleton and affect chondrogenesis. However, the underlying mechanisms for actin dynamics regulation by these agents are not known well. In the present study, we investigate the effect of staurosporine and cytochalasin D(More)
The complex interplay of tightly coupled, but disparate, computation and communication operations poses several challenges for simulating atomic scale dynamics on multi-petaflops architectures. Ope-nAtom addresses these challenges by exploiting overdecomposition and asynchrony in Charm++, and scales to thousands of cores for realistic scientific systems(More)
Multicentric Castleman's disease (CD) is a rare atypical lymphoproliferative disorder, which is characterized by various systemic manifestations. Some patients with multicentric CD may have concomitant lung parenchymal lesions, for which lymphoid interstitial pneumonia (LIP) is known to be the most common pathologic finding. Follicular bronchiolitis and LIP(More)
This study investigates the acquisition of word-initial Korean obstruents (i.e. stops, affricates and fricatives). Korean obstruents are characterized by a three-way contrast among stops and affricates (i.e. fortis, aspirated and lenis) and a two-way fricative contrast (i.e. fortis and lenis). All these obstruents are voiceless word-initially.(More)
The argyle illusion (Adelson, 1993) is a brightness illusion in which lines, triangles, and diamonds are arranged to resemble patterns on knitted garments. The standard explanation is that, due to shapes forming x-junctions, the visual system perceives strips of dark and light transparent filters over the argyle. Since diamonds under the two different(More)
Dunaliella successfully survives and photosynthesizes in hypersaline environments. To better understand the physiological and photosynthetic characteristics of Dunaliella exposed to long-term hypersaline conditions, we compared two morphologically distinct species, Dunaliella tertiolecta and Dunaliella salina. Despite similar glycerol accumulation patterns(More)
Most surfaces reflect light from external sources, but others emit light: they glow. Glowing surfaces are often a sign of an important feature of the environment, such as a heat source or a bioluminescent life form, but we know little about how the human visual system identifies them. Previous work has shown that luminance and luminance gradients are(More)