Minjoo Cho

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Pet has been serving as an emotional companion to people. However, nowadays it is common that people are too busy to take care of their pet due to everyday work. This research is to see the possibility that robot can replace the role of taking care of pets on behalf of their owner and the conventional Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) can be extended to the(More)
Digital fabrication is becoming increasingly practical for customizing products to users' specifications. However, the design interfaces for customizing items have focused more on 3D modelling and less on how people use the object or how it fits around their body. In this paper, we explore a user-centered approach: using posing and acting as input for(More)
The abundance of information technology in today's society results in "Alert Fatigue" due to the overwhelming number of alarms and notifications that attempt to grab our attention. We introduce Calm Automaton, a customizable and programmable physical display that gently visualizes abstract data in a pleasing and meaningful way, without attracting attention.(More)
An Egyptian statue on display at the Manchester Museum mysteriously spins on its axis every day; it is eventually discovered that this is due to anisotropic friction forces, and that the motile power comes from imperceptible mechanical waves caused by visitors' footsteps and nearby traffic. This phenomena involves <i>microscopic ratchets</i>, and is(More)
Displacements of large objects induced by vibration are a common occurrence, but the motion is generally unpredictable. Think for instance of an unbalanced front-loading washing machine. For controlled movement, wheels or legs are usually preferred. In this work, we explore a strategy for moving everyday objects by introducing or harvesting random external(More)
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