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Cadmium (Cd2+) interferes with the uptake, transport and utilization of several macro- and micronutrients, which accounts, at least in part, for Cd2+ toxicity in plants. However, the mechanisms underlying Cd2+ interference of ionic homeostasis is not understood. Using biophysical techniques including membrane potential measurements, scanning ion-selective(More)
Real-time PCR is a powerful tool for quantifying nucleic acid expression. Real-time PCR is conventionally performed at the tissue level to guarantee an abundance of nucleic acid for detection. The precision and reliability of this method, however, is limited by usually being composed of a mixture of different cell types. Single-cell PCR, in contrast,(More)
BACKGROUND Traditional Chinese herbal medicines (TCMs) have been widely used against a broad spectrum of biological activities, including influencing the cardiac differentiation from mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs). However, their effects and mechanisms of action on ESCs proliferation remain to be determined. The present study aimed to determine the(More)
BACKGROUND Stem cell therapy has been proposed as a potential treatment strategy for ischemic cardiomyopathy in recent years. A variety of stem cells or stem cell-derived cells can potentially be used for transplantation. Despite improved cardiac function after treatment, one of the major problems is the poor integration between host and donor cells which(More)
BACKGROUND Embryonic cardiomyocytes undergo profound changes in their electrophysiological properties during development. However, the molecular and functional changes in Na⁺ channel during cardiogenesis are not yet fully explained. METHODS AND RESULTS To study the functional changes in the Na⁺ channel during cardiogenesis, Na⁺ currents were recorded in(More)
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