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Here, we describe a novel mechanism for the rapid regulation of surface levels of the neurotrophin receptor TrkB. Unlike nodose ganglion neurons, both retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) and spinal motor neurons (SMNs) in culture display only low levels of surface TrkB, though high levels are present intracellularly. Within minutes of depolarization or cAMP(More)
Bloom's Taxonomy is difficult to apply consistently to assessment tasks in introductory programming courses. The Bloom taxonomy is a valuable tool that could enable analysis and discussion of programming assessment if it could be interpreted consistently. We discuss each of the Bloom classification categories and provide a consistent interpretation with(More)
Neurotrophins transmit signals retrogradely from synapses to cell bodies by two different types of surface receptors, p75NTR and Trks. Compared to TrkA, the function of p75NTR in nerve growth factor (NGF) endocytosis is less clear, and it is unknown whether p75NTR by itself may internalize other neurotrophins besides NGF. We directly compared TrkA and(More)
liver-enriched gene 1 (leg1) is a liver-enriched gene in zebrafish and encodes a novel protein. Our preliminary data suggested that Leg1 is probably involved in early liver development. However, no detailed characterization of Leg1 has been reported thus far. We undertook both bioinformatic and experimental approaches to study leg1 gene structure and its(More)
We propose to improve the teaching of programming to novices by using a clearly-defined and detailed process that makes use of goals and plans, and a visual programming language. We present a simple notation for designing programs in terms of data flow networks of goals and plans, and define a detailed process that uses this notation, and that ultimately(More)
Unlike mammals and birds, teleost fish undergo external embryogenesis, and therefore their embryos are constantly challenged by stresses from their living environment. These stresses, when becoming too harsh, will cause arrest of cell proliferation, abnormal cell death or senescence. Such organisms have to evolve a sophisticated anti-stress mechanism to(More)
This paper reports on the combining of two related but hitherto distinct themes in programming education research. The first is the recognition that students in programming courses tend to perform far more poorly than their teachers would like, and further, more poorly than their teachers would expect without a careful analysis of their results. The second(More)
Introductory programming courses have been continuously reported as having a high rate of failure or withdrawal. This research aims to develop a new approach for teaching novice programming, which is both easy to introduce and effective in improving novice learning. Our approach combines three key ideas: using a visual programming language; using(More)