Minhui Pang

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The speech corpus often needs to be constructed frequently for the diversified speech synthesis. This paper discusses our efforts on construction of speech corpus automatically from broadcasting speech databases for trainable Text-To-Speech (TTS) system. We present a new framework of automatic speech corpus construction from broadcasting speech databases.(More)
This paper presents a method for a automatically constructed text corpus with limited text for speech synthesis system. It is to collect phonetically rich sentences with high coverage of phonetic contextual units but has a small text size. In this paper, we present a new greedy algorithm to select text from the mother text. The mother text is auto-loaded by(More)
Audio classification is an important preprocess to the audio data. However, lots of manual labeled data are needed for training models. In order to solve this problem, we evaluate a semi-supervised machine learning algorithm called co-training for content-based audio classification. The audio is divided into there classes: pure speech, pure music and speech(More)
Speech sentence is the input of automatic phonetic segmentation or transcription. This paper discusses our efforts on automatic speech sentence segmentation from multi-paragraph speech databases for building Text-To-Speech (TTS) system speech corpus automatically. We present a) a system of automatic speech sentence segmentation from broadcasting audio based(More)
OBJECTIVES Cyberbullying research in China is in early stage. This study describes the cyberbullying experiences of junior and senior high school students in Guangzhou, China, and to examine the risk factors associated with cyberbullying perpetrators, victims and perpetrator-victims among students. We also investigated the frequency of cyberbullying and(More)
People living with HIV or AIDS (PLWHA) experienced severe medical discrimination which is seriously affecting their lives. However, few studies examined the epidemic characteristics of self-perceived medical discrimination from the discrimination objects such as PLWHA. Therefore, we aimed to investigate the epidemiological status and analyze the influential(More)
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