Minhua Zhao

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Speed-density model is one of the relationships used by mesoscopic traffic simulator to represent traffic dynamics. While the classical speed density relationships provide useful insight into the traffic dynamics problem and have a theoretical value to traffic flow, for such applications they are limited. This paper focuses on calibrating parameters for(More)
Study of complex socioeconomic systems, such as policy response system, requires a sophisticated approach for modeling and simulation. Multi-agent system can be an effective tool to reason individual and group behaviors. The paper analyzes the socioeconomic environmental policy system with the compensation policy strategy. Using the Swarm-an agent based(More)
Presenting a satellite orbit dynamic equation with Earth-fixed coordinate, establishing an observation equation based on IGRF model, forming a navigation model for the magnetometer-based satellite navigation system. Building and simulating the magnetometer-based satellite orbit determination algorithm based on adaptive filter. Simulation results show that(More)
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