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In this paper we evaluate the WER improvement from model-ing pronunciation probabilities and word-specific silence probabilities in speech recognition. We do this in the context of Finite State Transducer (FST)-based decoding, where pronunciation and silence probabilities are encoded in the lexicon (L) transducer. We describe a novel way to model(More)
The random noises caused by different devices in the process of X-ray imaging make images degraded, which results in incomplete or even incorrect medical diagnoses. The image pre-processing is the primary procedure of digital X-ray imaging device. Due to the features of X-ray medical image, the temporal recursive filter can be used, whose filtering(More)
Digital libraries have emerged as an important research and application field, and been facilitated by advances in information technology, such as the World Wide Web. The scale and diversity of documents and information of digital libraries are immense, which are often stored with different formats. Therefore research in digital libraries has generally(More)
The breakdown of Dennard scaling has made computing energy limited and therefore restricts the performance and brings rise to dark silicon. To effectively leverage the advantage of increased number of transistors and alleviate the dark silicon problem, designers consider a set of design paradigms in the processor manufacturing. Among those, Near - Threshold(More)
Energy efficiency is becoming the key design concern for modern warehouse-scale computer (WSC) systems, where tens of thousands of server processors consume a significant portion of the total power. Voltage scaling is one of the most effective mechanisms to improve energy efficiency at the cost of cell failures in large cache arrays. In this paper, we(More)
In recent years, the development and demand of multimedia product grows increasingly fast, contributing to insufficient bandwidth of network and storage of memory device. Therefore, the theory of data compression became more significant for reducing data redundancy to save more hardware space and transmission bandwidth. Cloud computing on the other hand;(More)