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Transcranial Doppler (TCD) was carried out to determine the resistive index (RI) values of normal canine cerebral arteries and its reproducibility and to evaluate the change of cerebral vascular resistance following diuretics administration. RI values of rostral cerebral artery (RCA) were compared between fontanelle window and temporal window. Normal ranges(More)
This study was performed to validate the procedure of transarterial embolization of the renal artery (TAE-RA) using iohexol-ethanol solution in rabbits with unilateral experimental hydronephrosis and to evaluate the embolized kidney and contralateral normal kidney using B-mode ultrasonography and color Doppler ultrasonography. Experimental hydronephrosis(More)
Due to the high theoretical capacity (ca. 4200 mAhg ) of Si when Li4.4Si is formed, it has been extensively investigated for use as a high-capacity anode material that can replace graphite, which is currently used (372 mAhg ). However, Si exhibits significant volume changes (> 360%) during Li alloying and dealloying. These changes cause cracking and(More)
For the evaluation of canine gastric motility with ultrasonography, contraction number of pyloric antrum and gastric emptying time (GET) by area and volume method developed by Bolondi et al.'s method were studied in 14 dogs. All experimental dogs were administered with saline and soup solution (10 ml/kg, B.W.). The mean values of contraction number of(More)
We propose LPDD (Lifetime Prediction Directed Diffusion), a novel energy-aware routing protocol for sensor networks that aims at increasing network survivability without a significant increase in latency. The key concept behind the protocol is the adaptive selection of routes by predicting the battery lifetime of the minimum energy nodes along the routes.(More)
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