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[1] It has been recognized that the intensity of the east Asian (EA) summer monsoon has a negative correlation with that of the western North Pacific (WNP) summer monsoon. Here we show that this relationship is much stronger in the recent decade (1994–2004) than in the epoch before 1994 (1979–1993). The first two leading modes of summer-mean precipitation(More)
[1] A global high‐resolution (∼40 km) atmospheric general circulation model (ECHAM5 T319) is used to investigate the change of tropical cyclone frequency in the North Pacific under global warming. A time slice method is used in which sea surface temperature fields derived from a lower‐ resolution coupled model run under the 20C3M (in which historical(More)
Phytoplankton have attracted increasing attention in climate science due to their impacts on climate systems. A new generation of climate models can now provide estimates of future climate change, considering the biological feedbacks through the development of the coupled physical-ecosystem model. Here we present the geophysical impact of phytoplankton,(More)
Active-matrix organic LED (AMOLED) is one of the most promising contenders for next-generation displays. However, the VT-shift issue in thin-film transistors (TFT) has to be addressed to enable wide deployment [1]. Voltage programming and current programming are well-known VT-shift-compensation techniques for analog driving. However, they all need more than(More)