Minho Choi

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A method for using radio-frequency identification tag floor based localization (RFTL) for indoor mobile robot localization is proposed. This method does not suffer from illumination or line of sight impairment issue, and it is less affected by the environment than is conventional localization. However, it faces an inherent limitation, in terms of its low(More)
Wireless sensor networks have many sensor nodes with a limited energy in a limited area. One of key issues in wireless sensor networks is to prolong the network lifetime. In this paper, we propose a scheme to construct an energy-efficient cluster structure in wireless sensor networks. Our scheme considers both the residual energy of sensor nodes and the(More)
Non-intrusive electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring has many advantages: easy to measure and apply in daily life. However, motion noise in the measured signal is the major problem of non-intrusive measurement. This paper proposes a method to reduce the noise and to detect the R peaks of ECG in a stable manner in a sitting arrangement using non-intrusive(More)
Congestion is generated by buffer overflow and generally is considered in transport layer. However, there is almost no considered one about existing routing protocols of sensor network because it is difficult to apply congestion control in transport layer of WSNs (wireless sensor networks) that have limited resources such as energy, buffer, and bandwidth of(More)
Inter-driver variation is one of major problems of the drowsiness detecting system-based on physiological signals. This paper proposes an online support vector machine (OSVM)-based method to solve the problem by the inter-driver variation. The method personalizes the drowsiness detecting system for a certain real user using feedback data from the user. The(More)
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