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Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) is the most common infection causing poor outcomes among transplant recipients. Maternal infection and transplacental transmission are major causes of permanent birth defects. Although no active vaccines to prevent HCMV infection have been approved, passive immunization with HCMV-specific immunoglobulin has shown promise in the(More)
Native human Abs represent attractive drug candidates; however, the low frequency of B cells expressing high-quality Abs has posed a barrier to discovery. Using a novel single-cell phenotyping technology, we have overcome this barrier to discover human Abs targeting the conserved but poorly immunogenic central motif of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) G(More)
Viral entry targets with therapeutic neutralizing potential are subject to multiple escape mechanisms, including antigenic drift, immune dominance of functionally irrelevant epitopes, and subtle variations in host cell mechanisms. A surprising finding of recent years is that potent neutralizing antibodies to viral epitopes independent of strain exist, but(More)
The analysis of secreted antibody from large and diverse populations of B cells in parallel at the clonal level can reveal desirable antibodies for diagnostic or therapeutic applications. By immobilizing B cells in microdroplets with particulate reporters, decoding and isolating them in a microscopy environment, we have recovered panels of antibodies with(More)
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