Minha Lee

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Evidence from electrophysiological and functional neuroimaging studies has suggested strong lateralization of affective processing within the insular cortices; however, little is known about the spatial location of these processes in these regions. Using quantitative meta-analytic methods the laterality of: (1) emotional processing; (2) stimulus valence(More)
We present investigations on the plastic deformation behavior of a brittle bulk amorphous alloy by simple uniaxial compressive loading at room temperature. A patterning is possible by cold-plastic forming of the typically brittle Hf-based bulk amorphous alloy through controlling homogenous flow without the need for thermal energy or shaping at elevated(More)
UNLABELLED Social communication deficits and repetitive behaviors are established characteristics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the focus of considerable study. Alterations in pain sensitivity have been widely noted clinically but remain understudied and poorly understood. The ASD population may be at greater risk for having their pain undermanaged,(More)
The present research examined rural-urban differences in interpersonal regret. In Study 1, participants who grew up in rural areas reported stronger interpersonal regret than those who grew up in large cities. In Study 2, we conducted an experiment and found that participants who were assigned to imagine a rural life reported greater interpersonal regret(More)
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