Minh Van Chau

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Three new triterpenoids, bonianic acids A (1) and B (2) and 3-O-acetyluncaric acid (3), were isolated from the leaves and twigs of Radermachera boniana, together with six known compounds, ursolic acid (4), oleanolic acid (5), 3-epi-oleanolic acid (6), 3α-O-acetyl-α-boswellic acid (7), ergosterol peroxide (8), and β-sitostenone (9). Ergosterol peroxide (8)(More)
Two new clerodane diterpenoids (1 and 2) and the known compound caseanigrescen D (3) were isolated from the leaves of Casearia grewiifolia by bioassay-guided fractionation. Their structures were determined by analyses of MS and 2D NMR data. The absolute configurations of 1 and 3 were established by analysis of X-ray diffraction data. Compounds 1-3 were(More)
A series of 2-arylquinazolinones with structural homology to known 3-arylisoquinolines were designed and synthesized in order to develop safe, effective, and selective cytotoxic agents targeting topoisomerases (topos). 2-Arylquinzolinones with various substitutions on the aromatic rings were obtained by thermal cyclodehydration/dehydrogenation on reacting(More)
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