Minh Tuan Pham

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— This paper presents the design and modeling results of an upper extremity exoskeleton mounted on a wheel chair. This new device is dedicated to regular and efficient rehabilitation training for weak and injured people without the continuous presence of a therapist. The exoskeleton being a wearable robotic device attached to the human arm, the user(More)
This paper presents a new predictive hybrid control law for the control of electro-pneumatic systems using solenoid valves. The method is based on a predictive model of the mass flow rate of the valves. In order to evaluate this strategy, a comparison study in simulation has been performed with a classical PWM control for a force tracking problem. The(More)
Most conventional methods of feature extraction do not pay much attention to the geometric properties of data, even in cases where the data have spatial features. In this study we introduce geometric algebra to undertake various kinds of feature extraction from spatial data. Geometric algebra is a generalization of complex numbers and of quaternions, and it(More)
Positioning of a mobile robot is critical to its movement in an outdoor environment to accomplish tasks with success and accuracy. For outdoor automation with a fleet of mobile robots in a local area, a common positioning system for all vehicles is essential for maneuvering and coordination. The positioning system should be referenced to a global coordinate(More)
In this paper, in order to track a moving target, we propose a new control law for an integrated mobile robot- pan tilt-camera system. Our controller consists of two control loops, i.e., a kinematic and dynamic control loop, respectively. The kinematic control loop performs three tasks, i.e., allowing an image feature of the target to converge to the center(More)