Minh Thap Nguyen

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A non-symmetrical Bouc-Wen model is proposed in this paper for magnetorheological (MR) fluid dampers. The model considers the effect of non-symmetrical hysteresis which has not been taken into account in the original Bouc-Wen model. The model parameters are identified with a Genetic Algorithm (GA) using its flexibility in identification of complex dynamics.(More)
Unsharp Masking is an effective and simple method of contrast enhancement. This paper explores the Unsharp Mask using the Laplacian Operator. The proposed method optimizes the Laplacian coefficient, α, and the Unsharp Mask's gain by maximizing the information content. The optimization process used was Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization. The(More)
As building structures frequently collapse and cause losses of lives and properties, due to excessive vibrations induced during earthquake periods, it is crucial to reduce the structural vibrations. This paper develops a Lyapunov-based controller for Magnetorheological (MR) dampers embedded in building structures to mitigate quake-induced vibrations. In(More)
In this paper, we analyze the network of expertise constructed from the interactions of users on the online question-answering (QA) community of Stack Overflow. This community was built with the intention of helping users with their programming tasks and, thus, questions are expected to be highly factual. This also indicates that the answers one provides(More)
An adaptive control algorithm has been implemented on a biomethanation process to maintain propionate concentration, a stable variable, at a given low value, by steering the dilution rate. It was thereby expected to ensure the stability of the process during the startup and during steady-state running with an acceptable performance. The methane pilot(More)
The estimation of illuminant color present in an image is becoming an increasingly important approach in detecting image forensics. The tool presented in this paper can be used to reference the estimations of illuminant color present in a scene of single light sources. Comparisons of images to a reference image database were carried out by analyzing the(More)
This paper presents an efficient control strategy for magnetorheological (MR) dampers embedded in building structures to mitigate quake-induced vibrations. In this work, MR dampers are used as semi-active devices, taking the advantages of the fail-safe operation and low power requirement. By using a static hysteresis model for the MR damper, a suitable(More)
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