Minh-Quang Vu

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This paper presents a new study on the prosody of Vietnamese language. Sentence pairs containing one interrogative sentence and one affirmative sentence, which have the same tones and the same number of syllables to avoid the effects of lexical tones and of co-articulation, are recorded in order to analyze their prosody evolution. Comparisons allow us to(More)
In this paper, we present our work on automatic question detection from the speech signal. We are interested in developing automatic detection system and investigate the portability of such system to a new language. The first goal of this paper is to propose and evaluate a combined approach for automatic question detection where prosodic features are(More)
47 Abstract—This paper relates a methodology to include some semantic information early in the statistical language model for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). This work is done in the framework of a global speech-to-speech translation project. An Interchange Format (IF) based approach, representing the meaning of phrases independently of languages, is(More)
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