Minh Ngoc Vu

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The D4 dopamine receptor, a member of the D2-like dopamine receptor family, may be important in the etiology and treatment of schizophrenia. The present study was designed to examine the effects of dopamine agonist exposure on adenylate cyclase activity in HEK293 cells stably expressing recombinant-D4 receptors. Two hour pretreatment with dopamine receptor(More)
The vast majority of mammalian genes are interrupted by non-coding segments of DNA termed introns. Introns are spliced out of RNA transcripts as lariat structures, and then are typically debranched and rapidly degraded. Here, we described an unusual spliced intron from the constant region of the T cell receptor-beta (TCR-beta) locus that is relatively(More)
D2L dopamine receptor activation results in rapid inhibition and delayed heterologous sensitization of adenylate cyclase in several host cell types. The D2L dopamine receptor was stably transfected into NS20Y neuroblastoma cells to examine inhibition and sensitization in a neuronal cell environment and to identify the particular G-proteins involved. Acute(More)
Interpolative reasoning is one of the most interested problems with various approaches for type-1 fuzzy sets, interval type-2 fuzzy sets, recently. However, the related methods have not mentioned general type-2 fuzzy sets yet because of their computational complexity. The paper deals with an approach to representation theorem of general type-2 fuzzy sets(More)
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