Minh Ngoc Ngo

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A great majority of program paths are found to be infeasible, which in turn make static analysis overly conservative. As static analysis plays a central part in many software engineering activities, knowledge about infeasible program paths can be used to greatly improve the performance of these activities especially structural testing and coverage analysis.(More)
Database interactions are among the most essential functional features in web applications. Thus, for the maintenance and understanding of web applications, it is vital that the web engineer could identify all code segments which implement the database interactions features. Unfortunately, the highly dynamic nature of web applications makes it challenging(More)
Traditionally, debugging refers to the process of locating the program portions which are responsible for a program failure. However, a program also fails when the execution environment does not meet the requirement/assumption of the program. Unfortunately, few existing debugging techniques addresses the problem of changing operating system environment. In(More)
The nematode Ascaris suum primarily infects pigs, but also causes disease in humans. As part of its survival mechanism in the intestinal tract of the host, the worm produces a number of protease inhibitors, including pepsin inhibitor-3 (PI3), a 17 kDa protein. Recombinant PI3 expressed in E. coli has previously been shown to be a competitive inhibitor of a(More)
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