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During a screening procedure for the discovery of a strong gamma-decalactone producer from ricinoleic acid, we observed that the yeast Pichia guilliermondii accumulated transiently 8-hydroxy-3Z,5Z-tetradecadienoic acid 1 during gamma-decalactone biosynthesis in the stationary phase of growth. The structural elucidation of 1 was based on nuclear magnetic(More)
The efficacy of HSV-TK/ganciclovir gene therapy largely relies on the bystander effect, i.e. the ability of transfected cells to kill the adjacent, untrasfected cells. This mechanism itself depends chiefly on the transfer via gap junctions of phosphorylated ganciclovir between cells, and is often deficient in glioblastomas. In this report, we demonstrate(More)
The artificial stimulation of biological purification of sea-pollutant hydrocarbons requires phosphorus supply. The concentrations, corresponding to the optimal bacterial growth, depend, in particular on ionic strength. They range between 2 and 8 X 10(-4) M for waters in which the salinity is close to the mean salinity of an oceanic environment and between(More)
Using mineral media with gas oil as sole carbon source, 191 bacterial strains were isolated from the costal area of Marseille. These strains were attributed to Achromobacter, Alcaligenes, Pseudomonas, Acinetobacter and Arthrobacter genera. Amongst isolated strains there was a predominance of the Alcaligenes-Achromobacter group over others genera. Growth and(More)
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