Minh N. Bui

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Design of a survivable VPN topology over a service provider network. Abstract—Survivability in IP-over-WDM networks has already been extensively discussed in a series of studies. Up to date, most of the studies assume single-hop working routing of traffic requests. In this paper, we study the multi layer survivable design of a logical topology in the(More)
—Optical networks are crucial to support increasingly demanding cloud services. Delivering the requested quality of services (in particular latency) is key to successfully provisioning end-to-end services in clouds. Therefore, as for traditional optical network services, it is of utter importance to guarantee that clouds are resilient to any failure of(More)
We propose a novel protection scheme, called shortcut N<i>p</i>-cycles (short for node <i>p</i>-cycles), which (<i>i</i>) offers 100% guaranteed protection against any single link or node failures in wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) mesh networks, (<i>ii</i>) provides recovery paths, which are free of loop backs, and (<i>iii</i>) bestows some(More)
—Both business and consumer applications increasingly depend on cloud solutions. Yet, many are still reluctant to move to cloud-based solutions, mainly due to concerns of service quality and reliability. Since cloud platforms depend both on IT resources (located in data centers, DCs) and network infrastructure connecting to it, both QoS and resilience(More)
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