Minh-Hoang Le

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Emerging trend detection is a new challenge and an attractive topic in text mining. Our research goal was to construct a model to detect emerging trends in a set of scientific articles; the resulting model is richer in topic representation and more appropriate for evaluating emerging trends than existing models. To achieve this end, we associated each topic(More)
In this paper, we perform a comparison of two approaches for the parallelization of an existing, free software, FullSWOF 2D (http://www. univ-orleans.fr/mapmo/soft/FullSWOF/ that solves shallow water equations for applications in hydrology) based on a domain decomposition strategy. The first approach is based on the classical MPI library while the second(More)
Nowadays, the increasing use of vehicles is causing contaminated stormwater runoff to drain from roads. The detailed understanding of urban wash-off processes is essential for addressing urban management issues. However, existing modelling approaches are rarely applied for these objectives due to the lack of realistic input data, unsuitability of physical(More)
Current urban washoff models still rely on empirical catchment-scale functions, that have not been substantially updated during the last 40years. This paper introduce a new approach using the physical model FullSWOF to evaluate urban washoff process. The modelling approach is performed for a Parisian road catchment. Water flow simulation is validated by(More)
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