Minh Duc Duong

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In this paper, a master-slave robot system with haptic feedback, human sensing and teleoperation for rehabilitation of upper limb function is presented. The physician could adjust on-line the exercise based on the EMG signal of the patient and force feedback. Moreover, in the present teleoperating system, it is shown that the stability is guaranteed due to(More)
In this paper, a teleoperation mechanism capable of providing force feedback by means of adjusting the system's impedance is proposed for a master-slave telerehabilitation robot system. The stability of the teleoperation with haptic feedback via a time-delay communication environment is mathematically proved. By using the proposed teleoperation mechanism,(More)
In order to make haptic feedback in teleoperation rehabilitation robot system or to assist the object's movement, recognition the intended movement of an object is required. In this paper, we establish the relation between the electromyography (EMG) signal of some specified hu.man arm's muscles and the moment of corresponding arm's joints. The model and the(More)
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