Minh Do Hoang

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In this paper, we present a perception sensor network (PSN) system for automatically tracking location and identification of multiple human. We propose a fusion method for seamless human tracking over multiple kinects and for tracking human name using pan-tilt-zoom camera operations. By assistant with PSN, mobile robot understands multiple human'(More)
This paper proposed a reliable recovery mechanism for person-following robot in case of missing target. The prior information such as previous human positons (before losing point) is used in order to predict the unexpected human positions by probabilistic approach (using Kalman Filter). In addition, map information is also utilized which allows robot to(More)
The southern yellow-cheeked crested gibbon (Nomascus gabriellae), an endangered species native to Vietnam and Cambodia, lives exclusively in undisturbed tropical forests and depends primarily on ripe fruit for food. Although this species is highly threatened, its ecology and conservation status remain relatively unknown. In order to understand how this(More)
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