Minh D. Nguyen

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Ensuring functional correctness of hardware and software is a bottleneck in every design process of Embedded Systems. This paper proposes an approach to formally verify low-level software in conjunction with the hardware. The proposed approach is based on Interval Property Checking (IPC) that has proved successful on large industrial hardware designs. In(More)
This paper proposes enhancements to SAT-based property checking with the goal to increase the spectrum of applications where a proof of unbounded validity of a safety property can be provided. For this purpose, invariants are computed by reachability analysis on an abstract model. The main idea of the paper consists in a BDD-based analysis of(More)
In bounded model checking (BMC)-based verification flows lack of reachability constraints often leads to false negatives. At present, it is daily practice of a verification engineer to identify the missing reachability constraints by manually inspecting the design code and by analyzing counterexamples. This, unfortunately, requires a lot of effort and is(More)
— In this contribution, we report on the compositional dependence of the mechanical and piezoelectric properties of Pb(Zr x Ti 1−x)O 3 (PZT) thin films fabricated by pulsed laser deposition (PLD). These films grow epitaxially on silicon with a (110) preferred orientation and have excellent piezoelectric properties, which make them outstanding candidates for(More)
Exposure to harmful chemicals can induce genomic instability leading to oncogenic transformation of human cells. Establishing safe harbor limit (SHL) for potentially carcinogenic chemicals is, therefore, critical to minimize exposure and reduce cancer incidence. Unfortunately, a number of chemicals, which may be potentially carcinogenic , are still without(More)