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The recent availability of heterogeneous high-throughput data types has increased the need for scalable in silico methods with which to integrate data related to the processes of regulation, protein synthesis, and metabolism. A sequence-based framework for modeling transcription and translation in prokaryotes has been established and has been extended to(More)
MOTIVATION A key aspect of elucidating gene regulation in bacterial genomes is identifying the basic units of transcription. We present a method, based on probabilistic language models, that we apply to predict operons, promoters and terminators in the genome of Escherichia coli K-12. Our approach has two key properties: (i) it provides a coherent set of(More)
IscR is an iron-sulphur (Fe-S) cluster-containing transcription factor that represses transcription of the operon containing its own gene and the iscSUA-hscBA-fdx genes, whose products are involved in Fe-S cluster biogenesis. In this study, global transcrip-tional profiling of Escherichia coli IscR + and IscR – strains grown under aerobic and anaerobic(More)
Nowadays, Offshore Information Systems (IS) Outsourcing is developing tremendously, despite glutting with unsuccessful and disappointing projects. In order to implement offshore IS outsourcing projects successfully, it requires all the parties involved to not only attempt to cross the boundaries of different countries or organizations, but also confront the(More)