Mingzhen Wei

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The information-hiding ratio is a well-known metric for evaluating steganalysis performance. In this paper, we introduce a new metric of image complexity to enhance the evaluation of steganalysis performance. In addition, we also present a scheme of steganalysis of least significant bit (LSB) matching steganography, based on feature mining and pattern(More)
Geospatial data sharing is an increasingly important subject as large amount of data is produced by variety of sources, stored in incompatible formats, and accessible through different GIS applications. Past efforts to enable sharing have produced standardized data format such as GML and data access protocols such as Web Feature Service (WFS). While these(More)
Decision making pertaining to injection profiles during oilfield development is one of the most important factors that affect the oilfields' performance. Since injection profiles are affected by multiple geological and development factors, it is difficult to model their complicated, non-linear relationships using conventional approaches. In this paper, two(More)
Digital multimedia forensics is an emerging field that has important applications in law enforcement and protection of public safety and national security. In digital imaging, JPEG is the most popular lossy compression standard and JPEG images are ubiquitous. Today’s digital techniques make it easy to tamper JPEG images without leaving any visible clues.(More)
This paper presents a conceptual design for connecting ontological and geospatial knowledge bases so that the system can take advantage of the semantic power of ontologies and data storage/analysis/query power of geospatial systems. The design is based on commonplace queries, such as " what is a canyon/route/road " or " where is the canyon/route/road X. "
Access to and management of very large data sets are important issues in today's petroleum industry. Data sets are created both through modern work processes, and through the migration and integration of legacy data sets into modern database management systems (DBMS). These very large data sets can be mined to discover interesting patterns and(More)
Keywords: CO 2 WAG flooding Enhanced oil recovery Orthogonal experimental design Operational scheme Net Present Value Technical and economic analyses a b s t r a c t The objective of this work is to investigate the effect of operational schemes, reservoir types and development parameters on both the amount of incremental oil produced and CO 2 stored in high(More)
GSE faculty are beginning a year-long strategic planning effort called " Vision 2020. " To lay a strong foundation for and to guide our future, we are developing the following: Lattice Boltzman modeling of flow through porous media. As we develop these, we would like key GSE alumni to join us and give input as to what world class programs in(More)