Mingzhen Tan

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We propose a new analysis framework to utilize the full information of brain functional networks for computing the mean of a set of brain functional networks and embedding brain functional networks into a low-dimensional space in which traditional regression and classification analyses can be easily employed. For this, we first represent the brain(More)
The spectral graph wavelet transform (SGWT) has recently been developed to compute wavelet transforms of functions defined on non-Euclidean spaces such as graphs. By capitalizing on the established framework of the SGWT, we adopt a fast and efficient computation of a discretized Laplace-Beltrami (LB) operator that allows its extension from arbitrary graphs(More)
Brain network hubs are susceptible to normal aging processes and disruptions of their functional connectivity are detrimental to decline in cognitive functions in older adults. However, it remains unclear how the functional connectivity of network hubs cope with cognitive heterogeneity in an aging population. This study utilized cognitive and resting-state(More)
Brain surface registration is an important tool for characterizing cortical anatomical variations and understanding their roles in normal cortical development and psychiatric diseases. However, surface registration remains challenging due to complicated cortical anatomy and its large differences across individuals. In this paper, we propose a fast(More)
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