Mingzhe Yuan

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Bloom forming algae and hypoxia are considered to be two main co-occurred stressors associated with eutrophication. The aim of this study was to evaluate the interactive effects of harmful algae Microcystis aeruginosa and hypoxia on an ecologically important mussel species inhabiting lakes and reservoirs, the triangle sail mussel Hyriopsis cumingii, which(More)
With the rapid development of computing technology, three-dimensional (3D) human body models and their dynamic motions are widely used in the digital entertainment industry. Human performance mainly involves human body shapes and motions. Key research problems in human performance animation include how to capture and analyze static geometric appearance and(More)
Activated sludge aeration process is a non-linear system subject to large perturbations in flow and load, together with uncertainties on the composition of the incoming wastewater. Traditional PID control lacks the ability to overcome these disturbances. In order to achieve adaptive process performances, an adaptive genetic algorithm (AGA) was proposed to(More)
In this paper, a new design method of robust optimal proportional-integral (PI) controller with saturation characteristic is presented for different processes. Closed-loop feedback system is the nonlinear robust control system which can be equivalently transformed into robust linear switch system (RLSS) or robust autonomous switch system (RASS). The(More)
By combining particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO) with fuzzy neural networks (FNN), a PSO fuzzy neural networks (PSO-FNN) was proposed. Then PSO-FNN was applied in soft-sensor modeling of product particle size in ball milling circuits. The new method assumed that FNN was used to construct the soft-sensor modeling of product particle size while PSO(More)
Wastewater treatment process is a very complicated process due to its highly nonlinear, seriously coupled, time-varying and frequent variations of operating conditions. The integrated automation system was developed to overcome the problems of high production cost and low removal efficiencies in wastewater treatment plant because of low automation level in(More)
Recently, although the technique and the equipment of copper smelting in China has been among advanced international levels, there are still some problems on high energy consumption and instable quality of products. These problems need to be solved by improving automation technique urgently. Soft measurement of key parameters is one of these technologies to(More)
A novel structured energy loss evaluation paradigm for the cement clinker manufacturing process is presented to identify thermal energy losses. According to the thermal energy balance relations of the cement clinker manufacturing process and the feasibility and profitability of energy saving implements, the detailed energy saving potential check and thermal(More)
By combining particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO) with fuzzy neural networks (FNN), a PSO fuzzy neural networks (PSO-FNN) was proposed, which takes full advantage of the global search ability of particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm and the local search ability of conjugate gradient algorithm with constraints. The new method assumed that FNN(More)