Mingzhe Rong

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A new method for the interneedle-distance optimization of a multineedle-to-plane barrier discharge reactor is presented. As we know, there is gas breakdown when, in some regions between electrodes, the electric field is higher than the breakdown field; hence, the region may play a dominant role for the discharge, and the enhancement of its volume ratio in(More)
The phenomenon of an internal fault arc in a closed container has been investigated in a magnetohydrodynamic method, which simulates the arcing process ignited between two rod electrodes in air with ac current, including the distributions of temperature and pressure. Particularly, the pressure rises due to the fault arc at different locations within the(More)
In order to understand the influence of the average opening velocity on the high-current vacuum arc anode phenomena, high-speed photography was used to observe the anode phenomena of the vacuum arc discharge in vacuum interrupters. The contact diameters used in the vacuum interrupters were 12 and 25 mm, respectively. The contact materials included Cu,(More)
A new type of permanent magnet actuator driven by electromagnetic repulsive force in breaking course and electromagnetic attraction force during closing course is presented in this paper, and the static and dynamic characteristics for contactor with this new type actuator are mainly focused on by simulation and experiment simultaneously. Firstly, the static(More)
This paper focuses on the numerical investigation of low-voltage arc plasma behaviour with the contact opening process included. A flexible experimental setup with a rotating contact is designed to support this study. Based on the magnetohydrodynamic arc model, the elongation and the commutation behaviour of the arc plasma during the contact rotation(More)
A partial discharge (PD) sensor based on two-arm equiangular spiral antenna is designed and optimized in this research, and key parameters which mainly influence the performance of sensor are optimized. Through simulation and contrastive study, the key parameters' values are confirmed, which improves the sensor's performance to a great extent. To match the(More)
This paper focuses on the numerical investigation of arc plasma behavior in low-voltage circuit breaker with arc-splitting process included. A 3-D simulation model of a certain type miniature circuit breaker product is built and calculated, which is based on magnetohydrodynamics theory. Aside from coupled electromagnetic and gas dynamic interactions being(More)
We compared vacuum arc behaviors of three slot-type axial-magnetic-field (AMF) contacts at two fixed contact gaps using high-speed digital photography and arc-voltage measurements. Solid angle is subtended by anode at the center of cathode or the ratio of the anode diameter to the gap length (D/g). With coupled influence of the AMF, we observed that with(More)
The influence of metal vapour on the arc behaviour during the arc-splitting process in the quenching chamber of a low-voltage circuit breaker is investigated numerically. A three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic model of air arc plasma, taking into account the production of metal vapour from erosion of an iron splitter plate, is developed. An equation(More)
This paper is mainly devoted to the three-dimension calculation of the electric and magnetic fields in the simplified arc chamber of low-voltage circuit breakers. Coupled with the plasma flow field, the electric potential and current density in arc plasma are calculated according to the electric conductivity, which is mainly decided by the temperature.(More)