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According to the accumulation characteristic of SINS positioning error caused by inertial sensor error, this paper brought the rotation monitor technique to improve the SINS accuracy. Dual-axis consequential rotation scheme is designed by deeply analyze toward the existing single-axis and two-axis scheme. This scheme is selected as the final scheme by(More)
Most existing traditional grid-based clustering algorithms for uncertain data streams that used the fixed meshing method have the disadvantage of low clustering accuracy. In view of above deficiencies, this paper proposes a novel algorithm APDG-CUStream, Adjustable Probability Density Grid-based Clustering for Uncertain Data Streams, which adopts the online(More)
This paper addresses a new segmentation model for texture image based on active contour and the model is driven by the simplified Cauchy-Schwarz divergence. First, we define a new texture descriptor with the Gauss curvature and the mean curvature of the textural region to represent the textural image space. Then, a novel active contour model has been(More)
Simple voting rules used in existing IP geolocation method based on network topology heuristic clustering(HC-based) may bring large errors to the geolocation results. In this paper, a city-level IP geolocation method based on network topology community detection is proposed. The method uses the principle that nodes in one network community are usually(More)
Meridian, collateral and acupoints is the basic course of acupuncture and moxibustion and even is the core for training excellent acupuncture physician. Associated with the characters of international students, the writers had the preliminary exploration and practice on teaching this course. For the acupoint names, the international codes of acupoints and(More)
In order to obtain the normal gait for the prosthesis-carrier with the change of external environment and gait, we designed a model of dynamic ankle prosthesis and control system and introduced the strategy of central pattern generator (CPG) about the moving trail of dynamic ankle prosthesis. The dynamic parts, which are incorporated in the model of dynamic(More)
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