Mingyu Zhao

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Band structure engineering in a MoS2/PbI2 van der Waals (vdW) heterostructure under an external electric field (Efield) is investigated using density functional theory (DFT). It is demonstrated that the MoS2/PbI2 vdW heterostructure has a type-II heterojunction with a direct bandgap, and thus the lowest energy electron-hole pairs are spatially separated.(More)
The formation geometries, electronic structures and catalytic properties of monovacancy and divacancy graphene sheets with two embedded Fe dopants (2Fe-MG and 2Fe-DG) have been systematically investigated using the first-principles calculations. It was found that the configuration of 2Fe-DG is slightly more stable than that of 2Fe-MG sheets and the two(More)
Using first-principle atomistic simulations, we focused on the electronic structures of small gas molecules (CO, H2O, NH3, NO, and NO2) adsorbed on the S-vacancy SnS2 monolayer. The results show that H2O and CO molecules were physisorbed on the S-vacancy SnS2 monolayer, whereas NH3, NO, and NO2 molecules were chemisorbed on the S-vacancy SnS2 monolayer via(More)
We use first-principles calculations to investigate the geometric, electronic and magnetic properties of metal adatoms on two typical graphene substrates (monolayer and bilayer). Firstly, we study the adsorption behaviors and the doping effects of metal atoms on pristine and defective bilayer graphene sheets (PBG and DBG). It is found that the metal doping(More)
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