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The identification of interactions between compounds and proteins plays an important role in network pharmacology and drug discovery. However, experimentally identifying compound-protein interactions (CPIs) is generally expensive and time-consuming, computational approaches are thus introduced. Among these, machine-learning based methods have achieved a(More)
With the increase of available protein-protein interaction (PPI) data, more and more efforts have been put to PPI network modeling, and a number of models of PPI networks have been proposed. Roughly speaking, good models of PPI networks should be able to accurately describe PPI mechanisms, and thus reproduce the structures of PPI networks. With such models,(More)
MicroRNAs are known to play important roles in the transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression. While intensive research has been conducted to identify miRNAs and their target genes in various genomes, there is only limited knowledge about how microRNAs are regulated. In this study, we construct a pipeline that can infer the(More)
Protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks are crucial for organisms. Many research efforts have thus been devoted to the study on the topological properties and models of PPI networks. However, existing studies did not always report consistent results on the topological properties of PPI networks. Although a number of PPI network models have been(More)
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