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The present study was purposed to identify the prevalence of restless legs syndrome (RLS) and its associated factors in the Korean adult population. Among a total of 9939 participants derived from the Korean Health and Genome Study, 12.1% of subjects (men, 8.5%; women, 15.4%) suffered from RLS. Factors independently related with RLS were older age and(More)
Testing is a de-facto verification technique in industry, but insufficient for identifying subtle issues due to its optimistic incompleteness. On the other hand, model checking is a powerful technique that supports comprehensiveness, and is thus suitable for the verification of safety-critical systems. However, it generally requires more knowledge and cost(More)
An automotive operating system is a safety-critical system that has a critical impact on the safety of road vehicles. Safety verification is a must in each stage of software development in such a system, but most existing work focuses on specification-level or model-level safety verification. This work proposes a collaborative approach using model checking(More)
We present the design and implementation of a Smart IoT Chair system for Internet of Things (IoT) that combines an embedded IoT device and a chair with separated seating pads. The proposed Smart IoT Chair records and visualizes user's posture through a smartphone application to help the users correct their unbalanced posture. It uses custom designed sensors(More)
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