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Perceptual audio hashing has been applied in audio content identification, retrieval and indexing for its accuracy and perceptual robustness. Security issue becomes important when perceptual hashing is applied in audio content authentication. A key-dependent compressed domain perceptual audio hashing algorithm for audio content authentication is proposed. A(More)
In this paper a information hiding algorithm applied to compressed speech bitstream is proposed. Covering codes are used to hide information in the least important bits in G.729 frames. The embedding rate is fairly high compared with the state of art algorithms, while the experiment results show that the distortion of the speech signal is imperceptible.
In this paper, a perceptual audio hashing method in compressed domain is proposed for content identification, in which MDCT coefficients as the intermediate decoding result are selected for perceptual feature extraction and hash generation. The perceptual feature extraction is based on psychoacoustic model and exhibits good discrimination ability for(More)
The Neural Network (NN) based models are commonly used in power amplifier modeling and predistorter design, and seen as a potential alternative to model and compensate broadband power amplifiers (PAs) having medium- to-strong memory effects along with high-order nonlinearity. In this paper, we propose a novel computationally efficient behavior model based(More)
As CMOS scaling options are exhausted by fundamental limitations, device and circuit integration in the third-dimension could provide a possible pathway without extensively relying on ultra-scaled transistors. So far, however, the migration of CMOS to 3-D has been unattainable. The CMOS fabric architecture uses complementary MOSFETs in an inverted logic,(More)
The insulin-like growth factor (IGF) signaling pathway is a conserved pathway that regulates animal development, growth, metabolism, reproduction, and aging. The biological actions of IGFs are modulated by IGF-binding proteins (IGFBPs). Although the structure and function of fish IGFBP-1, -2, -3, and -5 have been elucidated, there is currently no report on(More)
Reversible watermarking for compressed speech is proposed. Two properties of parameter-based speech coding bitstream are pointed out. Based on the properties, unimportant parameters are further compressed by entropy coding and concatenated with the watermark payload. The proposed scheme is demonstrated with G.729 speech coding and can be applied to other(More)
Insulin from islet β-cells maintains glucose homeostasis by stimulating peripheral tissues to remove glucose from circulation. Persistent elevation of insulin demand increases β-cell number through self-replication or differentiation (neogenesis) as part of a compensatory response. However, it is not well understood how a persistent increase in insulin(More)