Mingyu Guan

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The pharmacological importance of 2-quinolinone derivatives is well known. Herein, we developed an effective protocol for the synthesis of 2-quinolinone derivatives by palladium-catalyzed sequential β-C(sp(3))-H arylation and selective intramolecular C(sp(2))-H/N-H amination starting with aryl iodides and carboxylic acids. A novel directing group, glycine(More)
An easily synthesized and accessible N,O-bidentate auxiliary has been developed for selective C-H activation under palladium catalysis. The novel auxiliary showed its first powerful application in C-H functionalization of remote positions. Both C(sp(2))-H and C(sp(3))-H bonds at δ- and ε-positions were effectively activated, thus giving(More)
A highly regioselective palladium-catalyzed ester-directed ortho-olefination of phenyl acetic and propionic esters with olefins via C-H bond activation has been developed. A wide variety of phenyl acetic and propionic esters were tolerated in this transformation, affording the corresponding olefinated aromatic compounds. The ortho-olefination of(More)
A simple and practical exo-oxime ether auxilixary for ortho-C-H functionalization of aromatic alcohols has been developed. Selective olefination of aromatic alcohols were first achieved via a six- or seven-membered exo-acetone oxime ether palladacycle with broad substrate scope. In addition, the crystal of the exo-palladacycle intermediate was obtained for(More)
Palladium-catalyzed direct ortho-silylation of oxalyl amide-protected phenylmethanamine and phenethylamine with commercially available disilanes is reported. Germanylation products were also produced under the same reaction conditions. This protocol tolerated oxalyl amide-protected aliphatic amines, which gave γ-C-H silylation products.
Palladium-catalyzed oxalyl amide directed ortho-alkynylation of arylalkylamine derivatives is reported for the first time. A wide variety of β-arylethamine and γ-arylpropamine derivatives are compatible with this protocol. This method provides a general means to synthesize substituted alkynylarylalkylamine derivatives, highlighting the ability of oxalyl(More)
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