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Data obtained by scanning 3D models typically contains missing pieces and holes. This paper describes an integrated approach for filling holes in triangular meshes obtained during the process of surface reconstruction, which consists of three steps: triangulation, refinement and smoothing. The approach first generates a minimal triangulation to the hole,(More)
In this paper, a versatile edge-centered data structure is presented based on an analysis about classical representations of graph or network topology. The data structure has many good properties of convenient data accessing, compact topological representation and intuitionistic graph operating, and so on. Further, the data structure has capabilities of(More)
Large-scale virtual terrain has broadly been used in many fields, such as battlefield simulation, video game, films, GIS etc. Based on analyzing existing algorithms of creating virtual terrains, this paper presents a novel algorithm to synthesize large-scale virtual terrain from an image set. Firstly, many realistic terrain-blocks are generated by(More)
Because projection shadows algorithm is easy to understand and implement, it plays an important role in the practical application of realistic computer graphics. In this paper, on the basis of OpenGL, we draw the shadows on the plane using projection shadows algorithm. In order to approximate soft-shadow effect, a number of points on the light source are(More)
A new method for direct extraction of the lines of curvature from raw point clouds is presented in this paper. We first extract smooth and continue direction fields by applying surface fitting algorithm. And then a priority queue is established according to the curvatures of each point for extracting lines of curvature in a feature-preserving manner. The(More)
In this paper, we present a novel method to render colorful 3D fractals based on so-called color-control sphere (CSS) and our improved escape-time algorithm. In the method, each point, called parameter point, in parameter domain is first judged whether it is an escape-point or not by an iteration loop, under the governing of a discrete dynamic system. Once(More)
Estimation of differential properties of a discrete geometric model is an important stage of numerous algorithms in geometric modeling, computer vision, computer graphics, computer aided design and reverse engineering. This paper presents a review about different methods for curvature estimation of local geometric properties on triangulation models. In(More)