Mingying Zhu

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Metro Ethernet services are being widespread adopted by service providers worldwide. In this paper, we have discussed three Ethernet transporting technologies: transporting Ethernet services over pure switched Ethernet network, over IP/MPLS network and over SDH-based MSTP. Based on a testbed and experiment, three important performance issues, encapsulation(More)
With the enormous growth of the World Wide Web in recent years, the issue of how to extract information from web pages efficiently, accurately and flexibly has become an important challenge for web crawler designers. Different from many other approaches, "R-G-B" algorithm is a new algorithm, which can well meet the requirement of search engines on the(More)
Our focus on this paper was to apply adaptive load balancing to utilize network resource more efficiently and minimize congestion. We propose an adaptive load balancing scheme based on the real-time measurement, which is able to hold path integrity per flow while minimizing congestion. The simulation results show the proposed scheme can effectively balance(More)
In this paper, a new preemption policy is proposed to minimize rerouting in MPLS networks. It is complemented by an adaptive scheme that selects lower priority LSPs that can afford to have their rate reduced. The selected LSPs will fairly reduce their rate in order to accommodate the new high-priority LSP setup request. Simulation results indicate that our(More)
This study explored the efficiencies and mechanisms of refractory organic matters removal in the stabilized landfill leachate by adding different reagents. Calcium-based and aluminum-based materials were added into the leachate as comparing experiments. XRD, FTIR, and EEM were adopted to analyze the solid products and leachate. As a result, the in situ(More)
In this paper, a new method based on Auto Regressive(AR) model is proposed to predict the communication traffic data and detect if the traffic data is anomaly. The method includes four phases: extraction of traffic data characteristics, data analysis and model determination,determination of model parameters, traffic prediction and anomaly detection. With(More)
In this paper, we propose an improved heuristic algorithm for the well-known optimization formulation based on versatile preemption policy, which can minimize the preemption cost with high accuracy and less computational intractability. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm significantly outperforms the heuristic recently proposed in the(More)
In this paper, a new preemption policy based on LSP setup path is proposed to minimize the preemption cost. The preemption policy includes four criteria: the priority of preempted LSPs, the number of preempted LSPs, the bandwidth of preempted LSPs and the preemption degree of preempted LSPs. With the simulation, it is obvious that our policy can assure the(More)