Mingyi Wang

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A Bayesian network (BN) is a knowledge representation formalism that has proven to be a promising tool for analyzing gene expression data. Several problems still restrict its successful applications. Typical gene expression databases contain measurements for thousands of genes and no more than several hundred samples, but most existing BNs learning(More)
OBJECTIVE The limitation of small sample size of functional genomics experiments has made it necessary to integrate DNA microarray experimental data from different sources. However, experimentation noises and biases of different microarray platforms have made integrated data analysis challenging. In this work, we propose an integrative computational(More)
MOTIVATION Genetic association analysis is based on statistical correlations which do not assign any cause-to-effect arrows between the two correlated variables. Normally, such assignment of cause and effect label is not necessary in genetic analysis since genes are always the cause and phenotypes are always the effect. However, among intermediate(More)
Ultrasonic peening treatment (UPT) as a method of severe plastic deformation was used to treat cruciform welded joints of Q345 steel. The application of UPT achieves material surface nanocrystallization of the peening zone, reduces stress concentration, and produces residual compressive stresses at the welded toe. Micro-structure, hardness, stress relief,(More)