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  • Smarandache Geometries, Linfan Mao, F Tian, X D Hu, Y P Liu, R X Hao +9 others
  • 2005
Preface A combinatorial map is a connected topological graph cellularly embedded in a surface. As a linking of combinatorial configuration with the classical mathematics, it fascinates more and more mathematician's interesting. Its function and role in mathematics are widely accepted by mathematicians today. On the last century, many works are concentrated(More)
For a group T and a subset S of T , the bi-Cayley graph BCay(T, S) of T with respect to S is the bipartite graph with vertex set T ×{0, 1} and edge set {{(g, 0), (sg, 1)} | g ∈ T, s ∈ S}. In this paper, we investigate cubic bi-Cayley graphs of finite nonabelian simple groups. We give several sufficient or necessary conditions for a bi-Cayley graph to be(More)
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