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For a group T and a subset S of T , the bi-Cayley graph BCay(T, S) of T with respect to S is the bipartite graph with vertex set T×{0, 1} and edge set {{(g, 0), (sg, 1)} | g ∈ T, s ∈ S}. In this paper, we investigate cubic bi-Cayley graphs of finite nonabelian simple groups. We give several sufficient or necessary conditions for a bi-Cayley graph to be(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to assess the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of aggressive fibromatosis in the head and neck. METHODS This is a retrospective study of patients with aggressive fibromatosis who underwent surgical interventions during the 9-year period from 2001 to 2010. Aggressive fibromatosis is treated by resection with an(More)
A pseudo-Euclidean space, or Smarandache space is a pair (Rn, ω|− → O ). In this paper, considering the time scale concept on Smarandache space with ω|− → O (u) = 0 for ∀u ∈ E, i.e., the Euclidean space, we introduce the tangent vector and some properties according to directional derivative, the delta differentiable vector fields on regular curve(More)
A Smarandache-Fibonacci triple is a sequence S(n), n ≥ 0 such that S(n) = S(n − 1) + S(n − 2), where S(n) is the Smarandache function for integers n ≥ 0. Clearly, it is a generalization of Fibonacci sequence and Lucas sequence. Let G be a (p, q)-graph and {S(n)|n ≥ 0} a Smarandache-Fibonacci triple. An bijection f : V (G) → {S(0), S(1), S(2), . . . , S(q)}(More)
The multi-laterality of WORLD implies multi-systems to be its best candidate model for ones cognition on nature, which is also included in an ancient book of China, TAO TEH KING written by Lao Zi, an ancient philosopher of China. Then how it works to mathematics, not suspended in thought? This paper explains this action by mathematical logic on mathematical(More)
Let G be a finite and simple graph with vertex set V (G), k ≥ 1 an integer and let f : V (G) → {−k, k− 1, · · · ,−1, 1, · · · , k− 1, k} be 2k valued function. If ∑ x∈N(v) f(x) ≥ k for each v ∈ V (G), where N(v) is the open neighborhood of v, then f is a Smarandachely k-Signed total dominating function on G. A set {f1, f2, . . . , fd} of Smarandachely(More)
In this paper we find the interrelations and the hidden pattern of the problems faced by the PWDs and their caretakers using Fuzzy Relational Maps (FRMs). Here we have taken the problems faced by the rural persons with disabilities in Melmalayanur and Kurinjipadi Blocks, Tamil Nadu, India. This paper is organized with the following four sections. Section(More)
A combinatorial field WG is a multi-field underlying a graph G, established on a smoothly combinatorial manifold. This paper first presents a quick glance to its mathematical basis with motivation, such as those of why the WORLD is combinatorial? and what is a topological or differentiable combinatorial manifold? After then, we explain how to construct(More)
Let G be a finite group. A subset S of G not the identity element 1 of G called C I -subset (C( stands for isomorphism"), if for any isomorphism D(G, S) ~ D(G, T), there is f AutG such that T = f(S). G is called a DCI-group if every subset of G {I} is a CI-subset. G is called a GCl-group or simply a C I -group if every inverse-closed subset of G {I} is a(More)