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—An effective multipitch tracking algorithm for noisy speech is critical for acoustic signal processing. However, the performance of existing algorithms is not satisfactory. In this paper, we present a robust algorithm for multipitch tracking of noisy speech. Our approach integrates an improved channel and peak selection method, a new method for extracting(More)
—Under noise-free conditions, the quality of rever-berant speech is dependent on two distinct perceptual components: coloration and long-term reverberation. They correspond to two physical variables: signal-to-reverberant energy ratio (SRR) and reverberation time, respectively. Inspired by this observation, we propose a two-stage reverberant speech(More)
Previous research showed that different cultures play a significant role in influencing people's perception and cognition: Eastern people attend more to the background and context, whereas western people focus more on objects. However, the culture influence on people's aesthetic perception and experience has not been systematically explored. In the first(More)
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