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Under noise-free conditions, the quality of reverberant speech is dependent on two distinct perceptual components: coloration and long-term reverberation. They correspond to two physical variables: signal-to-reverberant energy ratio (SRR) and reverberation time, respectively. Inspired by this observation, we propose a two-stage reverberant speech(More)
We present a robust algorithm for multi-pitch tracking of noisy speech. Our approach integrates an improved channel and peak selection method, a new integration method for extracting periodicity information across different frequency channels, and a hidden Markov model (HMM) for forming continuous pitch tracks, and as a result, our algorithm can reliably(More)
Reverberation corrupts harmonic structure in voiced speech. We observet hat the pitch strength of voiced speech segments is indicative of the degree of reverberation. Consequently,wepresent an estimation method of reverberation time (T 60)based on pitch strength. The pitch strength is measured by deriving the statistics of relative time lags, defined as the(More)
Al-doped ZnO has attracted much attention as a transparent electrode. The graphene-like ZnO monolayer as a two-dimensional nanostructure material shows exceptional properties compared to bulk ZnO. Here, through first-principle calculations, we found that the transparency in the visible light region of Al-doped ZnO monolayer is significantly enhanced(More)
This paper explores key factors to maintain fairness in e-sports like Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games: Dota 2, League of Legends, and Heroes of the Storm. It analyzes the degree of fairness based on the winning ratio. Moreover, it considers the evolution of MOBA games with focus on three major factors: the ban and pick system, balancing(More)
Game refinement is a unique theory that has been used as a reliable tool for measuring the attractiveness and sophistication of the games considered. The refinement measures were derived from game information progress model and have been applied in various types of games. This paper focuses on the game refinement theory and its application to a MOBA game "(More)